Saturday, March 14, 2009

A story that I always wanted to post, for a person that i admire for~

Its a story~ that tear from parts, all parts resemble a memory~ a very important one~ sure it makes you touch in the sense of love that is inside it!!! Feel it my frens~ its a true story from a true person ok!! All rite, listen to the heart beat~ and~ here it goes :


[WaS thinkin back~ climbinG uP (MoUnt FabeR) witH someonE I lovE!! Thought I caN spenD christmaS wiTh hEr! All MY plaN HAs StaRTeD~ BuT thE StorY hAs end sO faSt~! LOvE SOmeonE meaninG haD to learN to relEAsE~ HopE she is HappY always~
God bleSS hEr!
Now I hAD NO rOOm FOr anYonE~ IS LikE A BOdY WithouT HeaRT~]

1. B) april 8th 2008

[I believe That Life for me is wonderfuL~ Although sometime I feel down or even up~ life still have to carry on~ jusT like wad I feel now~ Things that I wan doesn't come to me. . . Expecially people that I LOVE~ It doesn't matter as long as she is happY I will be happy too! Just a little busy this dayS~ I believe that I still have a long jouney to walk & even carry on~SOmetime I even face difficuitly~ & has to face it~ & I believe that the biggerS enemy in this World is non other than MYself~ To have self discipline & Humble~ ! YuP~ ]

2) april 17th 2008

[*********BUt I believe that If she(*E**N*) is still around, I will feel betteR! I believe thinGs that she said is Sincere & She can give me the =), & she is the one I LOVE THE MOST! BuT Dream On maN!!!!!!! hahahaS!Nothing Can change Her~ Decision has make everything is clear enough to understand~! So Is time to face the realistiC liFE, & jus melt all the Gd memories into mY Empty Heart~]

3) may 7th 2008

[Was feeLinG So HappY todaY but couldn't share with the person I LovE~* yUp~!AnywaY this FridaY I'm meetinG Sis(Jerlynn) to have dinnER~ Thank U Sis For accompanY Me WheN I'm really Down & even feelin sO losT~ Although U ask me not to thinK about her anymore & even encourage mE to get into a New R/S an even give myself an the other a chance but I'm still thinkinG what can I do for Her~! She is the onlY one who can make me smile like before agaIN~! I dun blame her foR leavinG me~ SHe has a choice~! SHe is righT~! As lonG as she is happY I'm finE! The WorDs thaT I saiD~ ThE OnlY goD GivE me Is U~****]

4) may 12th 2008

哈哈~ today usinG CHinese wor~* 突然想起了过去做的傻事~* 有些还是真的很好笑* 但是过去的错事都不能在完回~!爱一个人真的不容易~在一起也不容易~!有时候想起你的时候~突然好想把电话拿起来而开始打给你而说《你好吗》!但是我怕你会不开心!无论发生什么事我都会在你身后的!加油!~谢谢你让我知道世上是要求完美的~但是我会不停的要求完美!你还记得这图案吗?你是第一个我带上去的而也是 Last oNE~ 上帝让我拥有你~!!!]

5) may 24th 2008

[A dreaM thaT Dun WannA wakE uP!
JusT Woke up! HavinG a DreaM that hope is reaL! I dream of her! We get back together! I dun wanna Wake uP early! I wan to spend a lonGer time With her In mY dreaM! ALthough dream does come true! But aleast I get to spend time with her In mY DreaM & Im happY! Really hope it true! BUt it does exist! HaI! Maybe I reallY thinK toO mucH! Nvrmind time to have mY breakfast!]

6) june 7th 2008 : Ur admire~ ya maybe?!~

[thanKS TO U~
To a persoN Who Care for me~ hahahas~ dun worry gal im just at my fren house and it was jus an gatherinG. YUP. I Did drink alot. Although u call me and ask me not to drink or nt to drink so much~... YUP I Really precious the care and concent... A promise tat i say to u. If one daY there is a chance or???? U might BE the onli one I care and eveN LOvE! I wil bring u along to all my gatherinG or event~ but i believe that there are stil a loñg way to go an to acheieve iN mY goaLS~! So let time be the decisioN`~! =)]

7) june 8th 2008

[A worDs taT I waN to heaR FrM U~*
Sometime things that u do....... U didn't do well! And u feeL miserable about it! Sometime u have to reflect and think! Wad cause thiS! Wad make u didn't do well~ YuP! Although I didnt did weLL in My thinGS~ Always remember this~ Never give uP!There are always things can be solve~! I believe I can do iT! JuS blaminG mYself & feelinG guitY About iT! Wad I need is frm ur WorDs! I'm MissinG U!******** LOVE U!]

8) june 9th 2008

I'm goinG to sinG & plaY thiS sonG witH mY FavouritE PianO speciallY foR U!!!!!!!!! On FridaY, PErformance! AlthouGh U are NO LOnGeR WItH ME! BuT I wiLL alwaYS RemembeR ThE LOveS U giVE tO ME]

9) june 12th 2008

[If therE's a ReturE~*
SOmetime thinGS couldn't forgeT expeciallY when there are memories thaT make Ur smile brighteR, CarE & even happinesS~* theY can be witH U ForeveR! & theY caN be a thinGs thaT make uR smILE BRIGtheR Or eveN LessER! BUt nothing I can regret of~! Is a fact! I accept iT! Im not a gd GuY or even a perfect guy that could give her anY of the happiness that she wantS!! I accepT iT! But Im stiLL MisSeS HeR! I juS really hope time could froZeN thE good memories~*And I nvr regret being together with U onCE iN mY LIFE! Im haPPY whEn U are around and eveN a msG thaT u send for mE! I learN loTs of loTs of huMaN neeDS and eveN a aim tO acheive iN mY goAL(LIFE)!I believe u are gd noW! May god bLeSS U! My LOVE***]

10) june 30th 2008

[I feel that I'm stiLL noT readY & I can't contribute anythinG for U yeT! Cos I'm always busY & I'm still couldn't release her in mY hearT~! I'm SOrrY~*]

11) july 6th 2008

[ComPanY TriP JuSt EndeD~* =)
BacK to WorK~* hMmMmM~* CompanY triP was reallY AmazinG~* My FirsT OverSeA triP~*]

12) july 12 2008

hmMmM~ Feel so tired now~ PlanninG for the next oversea triP~ Where should I go? & Should I brinG her alonG~? Feeling so confuse now~! Wad caN do to prevent all misunderstanding? COMPLICATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway My work load is getting HeavieR~ yuP jus sit back and relaX noW! ThankS for the CARE U givE tO U! I really appreciable! =)]


[AT SeafooD Harvest Resturant oN 15 AugusT 2008~* ]

On 13 AugusT 2008~* (PS Japanese Resturant)


[WinK~ MuacK! CutiE DaR DaR~* WiTH SitCH!!!!!!]

oct 4th 2008 : THe DaY witH u~*

15) oct 19th 2008

[ChanGeS In My LifE~*
There's a place`~ There's a need~ There's One who U can Trust~*Who make my life out of miserable~ A happinesS can be a little short & can be just like an lighting speedly when thru acrosS the cloud..... But its just a matter of Cherish & memories~ Who makes u thinK that isn't a waste of time but a Good thinGs to be remember~* To someonE whO I LoveS~* CheeRS~*]

16) LAstly~ Nov 12th 2008

[StresS & tirinG BuT wiLL endurE~*
It might be stresS & tirinG~ buT its part of mY liFE~* A START MIGHT BE ALITTLE BITTER BUT THERE WILL BE SWEETNESS COME IN A LATER PART~ ENDURE! *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*U are rite Dar~* staY Focus anD Calm, when dealing with MatterS and probleM~!Its part of mY life to facing those ProbleM! The higher u climb the difficulty u will face! But its A LEARNING PROCESS to me!* DaR DaR hope u are enjoying the triP RITE NOW!* Remember to PlaY SaFe and WILL sEe U sooN! MisSinG you!Btw Im keepinG FiT! AND HMmMmM! *TINKING THAT U'RE GAINING WEIGHT! =) UNLIKE ME LOSE WEIGHT! DUE TO STRESS/BUSYNESS! MOST OF THE TIME WERE LUNCH IN~! SAD HOR! =X]

Ends of story~ sadly it doesnt work out smoothly as well... his R/S has ended again!!

From one loving person, a storys that e ones cherish love so much... from his journey i see alot of sadness and passion he got into this relation. His love really moves & touching, its juz like watching a TV series thru ya!! But what comes after the rain?! Its rainbow!! Hope you meet ur rainbow soon ya, and i'll pray for u ya~ Actually after seeing ur story i alrdy made a pray for u, at my windows to the empty skies.. "wishing all the stars and all the gods lastly if there's a moon i see~ *close my eyes* If its possible pls let it happen again, a gal that will make you smile and cherish all your tots!!" Well for my journey is always a crap~ Guess i'm the one who doesnt know how to love~ and i always tot i knew it~ yet~ its not easy as i think... i'm lousy in relationship, doesnt know how to handle it well~ as campare to you... maybe you are better! Cheers to you and hope my pray works!!! Ya really hope it did!!

Do it looks like an ans to you?! Is it clear enough for you to understand?! The ans you always want... its here... the meaning... the feeling i got... the whole story is the ans to the key!!! But guess you dun get it!!! even if u did, you'll juz asked alots of why!!! What i can say alrdy did, i cant face myself even... Ahhh~ getting sick soon man, slight fever hiazz...